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Fri Apr 2 02:59:00 CEST 2004

I guess it was without rc scripts and init, just time needed by bios+kernel
to boot...
I'm interested in the same subject, but have no idea of what to do for
reducing both.
I noticed that the majority of time is taken by IDE hardware to be probed.
I know that I can force BIOS settings not to probe for it every time, just
setting the correct parameters in CMOS for disks instead of making BIOS
guess what the values are every time.
Is it possible to do the same with linux kernel as well?
Another solution for reducing boot times would be skipping completely BIOS
initializations, since linux kernel doesn't rely on them and performs them
again when it starts. This could be done by replacing BIOS firmware with a
simpler one that only loads kernel in ram and starts it... kinda of LILO on
ROM, if you got what I mean. Does something like that exist?
Thank you in advance for attention,

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> On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, John Usher (Maptek) wrote:
> > Linux startup times? Linux on our systems is taking more than 10 seconds
> > to start, and I guess its due to it searching for devices and the like.
> with/without the rc scripts?
> ron
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