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Thu Apr 1 02:32:01 CEST 2004


I've been watching an reading a lot in this interesting adventure... 

I've been trying to get Linuxbios work first on a SiS530 but through
mailing list, tree docs, and surroundings i didn't find out enough
support on this. So i decide to switch to another board that have been
greatly tested.

I am willing now to make LinuxBios work on a Apollo PLE133 mainboard,
this is a VIA EPIA chipset based motherboard
00.0	Host bridge: VIA 0601  (rev5)
01.0	PCI bridge : VIA 8601 
11.0	ISA bridge : VIA 8231
11.1	IDE interf : VT82C586  (rev6)
11.2	USB interf : VT82C586B (rev 1e)
11.3	USB interf : VT82C586B (rev 1e)
11.4	Bridge	   : VIA 8235	(rev10)
11.5 	audio	   : VIA 3058  (rev 40)
12.0	Ethernet   : VIA  3065 (rev51)
1:00.0  VGA Trident: 8500(rev 6a)
on a via C3 CPU working kernel 2.4.18 

I'am looking for a kernel patch for VIA Epia on this kernel but couldn't
find one. Would it mean it needn't a fix ? Also wandering on a "easiest"
way to get my config work : on v1 or in v2 (I got to take care of the
portability with v1-v2 issues?)  Knowing that at the end (of this
adventure:) I will make it boot on a M-DoC 2000... yet firstly I'll burn
a bios chip and boot a IDE HD... step by step :)

This is a RFC, so anything helpful on my methods, developpement risk,
wayouts, adviced other docs are very welcome


Mathieu Deschamps,

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