[COMMIT] Infrastructure Updates 4

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Mon Sep 8 09:43:01 CEST 2003

* YhLu <YhLu at tyan.com> [030906 04:58]:
> Eric,
> Without hard_reset, s2885 is ok now.
Did you have a look at the implementation of hard_reset in reset.c?
void hard_reset(void)
        pci_write_config8(PCI_DEV(1, 0x04, 0), 0x47, 1);

It looks like if the bus numbering for a mainboard is different,
the device (southbridge?) has to be changed here as well. Can this
device id somehow be moved to the config file, or generated with the
already known config parameters?


Architecture Team
    SuSE Linux AG

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