Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Mon Mar 31 05:11:00 CEST 2003

* hcyun at <hcyun at> [030331 12:17]:
> I have documents for a specific chipset which I get  with NDA. 
> And I'm trying to port Linuxbios on that chipset. 
> As LinuxBIOS is GPL, I know I must make my port publicly available. 
> In this case, Is it a violation of NDA or not? Does it depend on NDA? 
This depends on the NDA you signed. Some companies for example agree
that code that has been derived from NDA documentation may be released
under GPL as long as it does not reveal major documentation or features
that are actually not needed to get things going. You should definitely
clarify this before releasing, better before writing any code, and,
if possible, get this explicitly stated in the NDA or other contracts 
you sign. IANAL ;)


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