Information about BIOS and the boot process

SONE Takeshi ts1 at
Fri Mar 28 08:21:01 CET 2003

On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 08:45:30AM +0000, Ivan Gustavo wrote:
>        I am writing some code to fixup the video chipset trident 
> cyberblade and V1621 RGB->CS encoder ,
> and also trying to fix the IDE_BOOT for my mainboard (B860T or EPIA), so 

I will really appreciate that work.

>       I read on some places which the CS is set F000 and EIP FFF0, so 
> in other websites I had seen CS is FFF0,
> in other 000F , causing some confusion with me.

CPU starts with last 16 byte of address space.
On a 386 or later it's FFFFFFF:0000??
Anyway that does not really matter since the code there is a simple 
long jump (jmp seg:off).


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