problem with PCHIPS M758LT+

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> When I first plugged my hard disk to this mobo, the problems began. I had lot of HDD input/ouput errors (XFS on a 2.4.20-ck4 kernel), and finaly my HD seems to be dead... I've installed the latest ac patched kernel (2.4.21-pre5-ac3) which is supposed to have latest sis ide drivers, but I'm still having problem with my new HD (some stange sounds, some I/O errors on XFS and corrupts on ext2). The 630ET is supposed to be an ATA133 chipset, but the kernel recognized it as a Sis630 / ATA66 chipset (dmesg says 'SiS630    ATA 66 controller'). Is there still a problem with the drivers or are they fine for SIS630ET? Anyone has this mobo whith no problem?
I don't have any problem with the IDE.  Have you tried different HD?

> 2nd problem (and last one). This chipset is supposed to embed a sound card. After some search on the net, I think it should be a sis7012 or 7018 chip. But my kernel can't find such a device (nothing in dmesg, nothing in lspci -vvv). I've activated it in the bios, but it's still invisible. Any experience with sound on this mobo?
# modprobe cmpci


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