Support for supermicro 7501 based boards and issues with 3ware raid cards

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Thu Mar 27 06:45:01 CET 2003

steven james <pyro at> writes:

> Greetings,
> The 7501 chipset is supported, but the setup will probably need some
> tweaking for the Supermicro. Currently, it's for Intel Clearwater
> (se7501sw2).

The E7501 chipset code does not work in a general fashion.  We have
a working supermicro board here as well.  But it only works when
the right set of magic values are hard coded into some
undocumented registers at the moment.  We are still tracking this down.

Steven the code you put in the tree misses a few places that need to
be changed to properly support the 133Mhz memory clock.

So in short the E7501 support is almost there and but it needs just a little
bit more work.  We are after Intel to get documentation on their last
couple of registers and if all else fails we can attempt to reverse
engineer them.

We shall see how that goes.


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