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I just notices that I had a down time between now and around 10am this
morning so if you bumped your head on my door, try again and it should be up
and running...

Andre Courchesne - Consultant

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Ok, I know this is not really in sync with "listserv etiquette", but I am a
reseller of CompactFlash adapters and peripherals that are pretty
interesting. You can see some on my site at

For those who wants details or pricing, e-mail me privately at
courchea at

Again sorry for the intrusion, but I wanted to share the info.

Andre Courchesne - Consultant

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I too am am running the Imagemate (SDDR-31) USB -> CF adapter.  It is
great for development and debugging.  Used it many times when porting
linux to the Ipaq!   My only frustration is that i am unable to boot of
it.  Once the kernel is loaded i can mount the CF card and make it the
root filesystem, but that is about it.

What i am aiming to do is completely eliminate the harddrive in my
machine.  And swapping out the card is not something i will be doing
regularly.   I just want a reliable and inexpensive solution that gets the
job done.


> On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Richard Smith wrote:
>> On a side note something I find _really_ hand when working with CF
>> devices is my PCMCIA card for my Desktop and a CF to PCMCIA adapter.
>> Lets me hot plug the CF in and out of my desktop.  Very handy for
>> copying images onto the CF during the debug cycle.
> Another alternative to this is a USB CF reader - I'm using the Sandisk
> Imagemate to mount my CF cards & copy images, etc.
> -Jake

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