semi-ot: sis900 lan support

Alessio Sangalli alesan at
Tue Mar 25 14:48:01 CET 2003

Hi. I've experienced some problems with sis900 ethernet performances. 
Though this is not *directly* linuxbios related, I think here I can find 
interesteds people.

I'm here with my pcchips 810 motherboard, but I've found the same 
problem on other TWO motheboards.

I load the sis900 module or I compile it into the kernel, but the 
performances are incredibly low: if I transfer a huge file, the transfer 
starts at 5MB/s more or less, but after few seconds it drammatically 
drops to 60KB/s. I would need more that two hours to transfer an ISO image.

I've changed the cable, connected the computers with a cross cable, but 
the problem is always there. The other computer has a rtl8139 card and 
works fine with other non-sis900 hosts. ifconfig or iptraf show NO 
errors but the transfer rate is no more than 60KB/s.

I'm using kernel 2.4.20, pcchips810lmr with 256MB memory and athlon2000+...

bye bye, thank you


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