[epia] Unknown bootloader class

Russell Gower russell at abc9986.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 24 12:39:01 CET 2003

> As for you second question, I'm not sure about the values in raminit being
> optimised. I think they are configured to 'work' for 64Mbytes of memory -
> more just get's ignored. For my 128Mb system, I've changed to the
>               5a = 0x08
> 5b->5f,56,57 = 0x10
> as these are what the original BIOS set for my memory module.

I could'nt get any more than 64mb of ram recognised using the raminit.inc
approach, and even that 64mb was showing lots of errors.
So i reworked things to uses the generic spd stuff.
I did intend on producing a patch to send in to Andrew IP, but i ran out of
time then my linuxbios got out of sync with the CVS etc. I'll try again soon
but i am very busy at the moment.


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