[epia] Unknown bootloader class

Mark Wilkinson mwilkinson at ndirect.co.uk
Sun Mar 23 03:54:01 CET 2003

Hello HyungJong

	Thanks for the config information. I can only see one difference between your 
config and my own. That is the CFLAGS32+= -DASK_BOOT=3 
-DANS_DEFAULT=ANS_NETWORK line, which I don't have enabled, but I can't see 
that being the cause of your problem.

Just for Information, I'm using version 1.16 of mkelfImage

As for you second question, I'm not sure about the values in raminit being 
optimised. I think they are configured to 'work' for 64Mbytes of memory - any 
more just get's ignored. For my 128Mb system, I've changed to the following
	              5a = 0x08
	5b->5f,56,57 = 0x10
as these are what the original BIOS set for my memory module.

Andrew Ip may be able to tell you more on this. 
The one document I've not seen is the BIOS porting guide. Just can't seem to 
find it freely available on the web.

Mark Wilkinson

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