SiS630 Disabling Embedded Devices (was: Software Watchdog Timer)

ollie lho ollie at
Wed Mar 19 20:31:01 CET 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 00:12, Andrew Ip wrote:
> > Eric set up a nice infrastructure for CMOS, and we have not yet used it. 
> > Sounds like we now have an application. I would like to have the LinuxBIOS 
> > code that uses the CMOS written in C, however. How late in the boot 
> > process can you enable/disable this hardware and have it work correctly?
> For most cases, it probably needs to be done before PCI probing.  Besides,
> should we follow normal bios layout, or should we have our own.

The CMOS layout for normal BIOS differ form vendor to vendor (chipset/MB
too ??). I think we should come up with our own standard.

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