SiS630 Software Watchdog Timer

Steve Gehlbach steve at
Mon Mar 17 21:58:01 CET 2003

Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Steve Gehlbach <steve at> writes:
>>Ronald G. Minnich wrote:
>>How about using XIP_ROM_SIZE and XIP_ROM_BASE; seems to setup WP caching on
>>variable MTRR 0x203 (mem type=5).  Or does this have other effects; maybe use a
>>different option with same code?
> XIP is short for Execute in place.  And that is exactly what it is designed for.

Fair enough, so we'll use 0x204,5 and separate code.  I assume it will 
speed things up, have to test it in a day or so.  As it is, the 5 sec 
delay makes compression hard to live with.

I am also assuming the Via C3 has the variable MTRRs, that may not be a 
correct assumption.  The Intel book says P6 family.


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