SiS630 Software Watchdog Timer

Steve Gehlbach steve at
Mon Mar 17 12:47:01 CET 2003

Ronald G. Minnich wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Spirit wrote:
>>That shouldn't be a problem unless it takes 5 seconds to get to the
>>southbridge.c code. But of course, moving it to an earlier position is
>>a good idea.
> It really takes 5 seconds? it did not used to. I liked having it in the 
> southbridge code for a simple reason: if you are in that code then things 
> are working well. If you are not in that kind at some point, you really 
> want that watchdog reset. It is a very simple self-test. 

On PCChips m787cl+ that I have, it will definitely reset if you turn 
compression on, without disabling the watchdog.  I suppose it must be 5 
seconds, but I did not time it.  Definitely a long time.

Maybe it is related to running at 0xffff0000 instead of 0xf0000.  Did we 
cached that region?  The mtrr code is there but I have not checked 
through it to see what regions are cached.


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