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Mon Mar 17 01:02:00 CET 2003


> With current linuxbios for EPIA, I found that  internel graphic device (bus
> 1, dev 0 ) is not visible in the pci configuration space. I have tried to
> enable this by setting PP_Rx3E and RxA9 registers, but with failed.
> Do you know how to make it visible?
Including this setup will enable the vga device.  Hope this help.


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	CS_WRITE($0xf6, $0x01)
	CS_WRITE($0xf7, $0x01)
//	CS_WRITE($0xf8, $0x22)
	CS_WRITE($0xf8, $0x22)
	CS_WRITE($0xf9, $0x42)
	CS_WRITE($0xfa, $0x00)
	CS_WRITE($0xfb, $0xb0)
	CS_WRITE($0xfd, $0x08)

	CS_WRITE($0xa0, $0x02)
	CS_WRITE($0xa1, $0x00)
	CS_WRITE($0xa2, $0x20)
	CS_WRITE($0xa3, $0x00)
	CS_WRITE($0xa4, $0x07)
	CS_WRITE($0xa5, $0x02)
	CS_WRITE($0xa6, $0x00)
	CS_WRITE($0xa7, $0x07)
	CS_WRITE($0xac, $0x6e)
	CS_WRITE($0xad, $0x62)


	CS_WRITE($0x13, $0xd0)
//	CS_WRITE($0x80, $0x0f)
//	CS_WRITE($0x81, $0x41)
//	CS_WRITE($0x88, $0x02)

	// from steve
	CS_WRITE($0x56, $0x20)
	CS_WRITE($0x57, $0x20)
//	CS_WRITE($0x63, $0x01)
//	CS_WRITE($0x80, $0x0f)
//	CS_WRITE($0x84, $0xf0)
//	CS_WRITE($0x89, $0x00)
//	CS_WRITE($0x8a, $0x00)
//	CS_WRITE($0x8b, $0x00)

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