serial console problems

Steve Gehlbach steve at
Sun Mar 16 20:24:01 CET 2003

Alexander Amelkin wrote:

>  I already asked, but nobody answered my question.
>  I'm having problems with the serial console when booting LinuxBIOS on
>  a pcchips m787cl+ motherboard. The serial works for output (I can see
>  what the box says) but doesn't for input (I can't login from the
>  serial console). If I boot the same kernel with the same parameters
>  (console=ttyS0,9600n8) using the original motherboard's BIOS (AMI), I
>  don't have any problems at all.
>  Any suggestions?

I assume you changed "option TTYS0_BAUD=38400" in 
/mainboard/pcchips/m787cl+  to 9600?

It is also possible it doesn't work, as I don't recall ever testing it. 
  I will try and get a chance to check it this week.  All I used was the 
vga display and the serial console just for status errors etc.


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