Payload FAQ

Adam Agnew agnew at
Fri Mar 14 12:31:01 CET 2003

Maybe it's time for a payload FAQ? I know we have over 5 payloads in
common use and maybe a faq or a table on could show the
features of each?
Off the top of my head, we have:

Linux Kernel regular - use as your OS kernel

Linux Kernel Kexec bootloader - boots another linux kernel from a device
supported by linux (I don't know where this payload stands as a formal

Memtest86 - great memory tester

Plan9 - Plan9 OS (can it boot Linux yet?)

ADLO + Bochs BIOS - Interrupt support, boots BSDs and Win2k

Etherboot standard - kernel over ethernet

Etherboot devel branch - kernel over ethernet and raw disk i/o

Etherboot 5.0.6 polled ide patch - kernel over ethernet and buggy file
system support

Etherboot SIS patch - kernel over ethernet, file system support, and
booting WinCE I think (but I don't know if SIS has let this out formally)

RedBoot - could read the file system but never had the elf support to make
it really usefull

Steven James ELF finder - I think this was written as payload? Anyway, it
lets you choose from payloads in your rom.

And I'm sure there are probably many more which have good uses too.
Please, add on to the thread if you know of more.

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