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Thu Mar 13 18:49:00 CET 2003

Hello Stefan,

Thursday, March 13, 2003, 5:37:13 PM, you wrote:

SR> * Ronald G. Minnich <rminnich at lanl.gov> [030313 15:22]:
>> >   simply doesn't compile complaining on the absence of the 'pci/pci.h'
>> >   file. So I use flash_rom.c from the 'sis630' directory.
>> ok, that's the first time I've seen it not compile. New CVS? Who changed 
>> it?
SR> Sounds rather like it's trying to use the includes provided by pciutils
SR> (Package is called pciutils-devel on SuSE, most probably the same on
SR> other distributions)

Thanks for the hint. It's a pity the LinuxBIOS project lacks the
documentation so badly. It really required the pciutils-devel. It
would be nice to have that mentioned in the README or elsewhere.

However, the flash_and_burn version of flash_rom.c doesn't work for me
either. First of all it coredumps because it can't detect the chipset
of my motherboard (although it's sis630e) and thus tries to call
an NULL function pointer. An small if statement fixes that, but the
tool still can't detect the installed flash part properly. The part is
JEDEC-compliant, but probe_jedec doesn't return correct id's for it,
no matter if I run flash_on or not. So I still prefer uniflash.
Someone here called it an old code... well, may be the code style isn't
very good (after all it's pascal...), but the project itself is very
fresh. The last update is something like January 2003.

Best regards,
 Spirit                            mailto:spirit at reactor.ru

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