Universal Flashing tool

Jeremy Jackson jerj at coplanar.net
Thu Mar 13 08:11:01 CET 2003

I wonder if it doesn't make more sense to use the Linux MTD framework. 
I have begun porting devbios to it.  I have refactored devbios into two
halves, devbios and a flash library/map library.  The MTD chip driver
which uses the library is about half done.

Perhaps then the LinuxBIOS flash tool can be split into a map driver
(the shadow control stuff) and a chip driver for the individual flash
chips, then included into MTD.



PS - I've used Uniflash, it's very old code with lots of nice global
variables and such, but it did help me get an Atmel flash chip working.

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 05:42, Alexander Amelkin wrote:
> Hello guys!
>   Yesterday I spent the day fighting the flash_rom on my pcchips
>   m787cl+ board (SiS630). It just won't work. It mmaps correctly and I
>   can read the BIOS (i created a flash_save tool based on the
>   flash_rom.c code), but the chip identification just doesn't work. My
>   assumption is that it doesn't disable Shadow memory before sending
>   the SoftID sequence to the flash. Btw, the 'flash_and_burn' thing
>   simply doesn't compile complaining on the absence of the 'pci/pci.h'
>   file. So I use flash_rom.c from the 'sis630' directory.
>   But that was just a preface. What I was going to say here is after I
>   gave up fighting with the flash_rom.c, I started searching the
>   Internet for universal flash writers. And you know what? I found a
>   marvelous tool - Uniflash! It can flash almost any flash part on
>   almost any motherboard with any file you say. The tool is written in
>   Pascal for DOS and is open source. I think those of you here who
>   are into the development of the flash_rom.c can use that source to
>   make flash_rom.c way more compatible than it is now.
>   For now I prefer using Uniflash from DOS. It made my m787cl+ boot
>   LinixBIOS in less than a minute after I spent the day fighting the
>   flash_rom.c :))))
>   Here is the link:
>   http://www.krizovakomunikacia.sk/rainbow/programs.html#UniFlash
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