SMA_SIZE and IDE_BOOT_DRIVE on pcchips810

Alessio Sangalli alesan at
Wed Mar 12 14:47:01 CET 2003

Hi. I was reading the source code but I couldn't fully understand the
meaning of SMA_SIZE and IDE_BOOT_DRIVE in the config file for pchipc 810lmr.

SMA_SIZE should set the amount of framebuffer memory; but which are the
possible values? How can I set the minimum, or 8MB, or 64MB?

The following code from src/northsouthbridge/sis/730/ipl.S does the FB
activation but I can't figure which values of SMA_SIZE correspond to the
various video ram sizes.

	orb     $SMA_SIZE, %al          # enable SMA 8 MB for VGA

#else /* !SIZE_ALL */

          movb    $0x63, %ah              # enable DIMM 0 and
          movb    $(SMA_SIZE + 0x01), %al # enable SMA 8 MB for VGA
          movw    $0x6301, %ax            # enable DIMM 0

There are some sample config files where SMA_SIZE is set to 0x80, 0x90,
0xA0 - how much video memory is activated?

Similar question for IDE_BOOT_DRIVE. On the sample config files that
come with the code it's always set to '2', but the source
(ide_fill_inbuf.c) would suggest me /dev/hda is '0' - but I'm not sure.

$ grep -r IDE_BOOT_DRIVE .
./src/rom/ide_fill_inbuf.c:#ifndef IDE_BOOT_DRIVE
./src/rom/ide_fill_inbuf.c:#define IDE_BOOT_DRIVE 0
ide_read_sector(IDE_BOOT_DRIVE, buffer, block_num,
./util/config/pcchips787.config:option IDE_BOOT_DRIVE=2
./util/config/stpc.config:option IDE_BOOT_DRIVE=2

/dev/hda -> 0
/dev/hdb -> 1
/dev/hdc -> 2
/dev/hdd -> 3

Is it correct???

P.S. Is it possible to boot from a CDROM?

bye bye thank you!!!


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