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Tue Mar 11 21:59:00 CET 2003

> hmm can you try warm boot? ie first boot with your classic pc 
> bios, then
> warm boot into the linuxbios+adlo and all other stuff.

I tried but no success. 

> If you have ICE, you could try to see how far it goes. u could setup
> execution break point at 0x7C00 as it is used repeately 
> during the boot.

I don't have ICE (Could you recommend one ?) . Therefore I printed post
code at several point of bochs code. 
And I think it stop during VGABIOS execution because it works before option
rom scan procedure. 
I think EPIA bios do something on northbridge settings which VGABIOS
How do you think? 

I found some VGA related registers on northbridge such as 0xfb register
which have 'VGA Enable' 
disable bit. However When I enable it, strangely etherboot doesn't works
and system restarted. 
(My boot configuration is linuxbios -> etherboot -> ADLO payload ) 


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