linuxbios on PPC (fwd)

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Tue Mar 11 10:36:00 CET 2003

"Ronald G. Minnich" <rminnich at> writes:

> Greg Watson almost has it done. 
> It required a few changes to linuxbios build procedures, but not many. It 
> has small impact. 


I would think the problem would be a missing call to elf_boot,
not jump to linuxbiosmain.

Has anyone  worked out how to boot a PPC kernel yet?
There is not a standard PPC firmware so it should be some

Do we need to talk about an etherboot port to PPC?

Is it time to start considering an  ADLO like tool
that implements openfirmware?

Ron I don't know if we will have time but I will see if I can
ring a demo out of you this afternoon, since I'm going to be down
there anyway.


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