Adam Sulmicki adam at
Mon Mar 10 13:24:00 CET 2003

> I'm trying to bring up VGA on EPIA board.
> >From the list, EPIA board is supported and I've tested with Angrew's image.
> However, due to full support of VGA is necessary, I'm trying to figure out
> ADLO to run binary only
> VGABIOS rom image.
> Can I acomplish this with ADLO?. If yes, how much extra work will be needed
> you think?

I'm not familar with EPIA. Wasn't that the motherboard that had all this
video emulation code (whatever you would call it). what's the gfx card

anyway. if you can separate out the vga bios from rest of the bios (and it
can function standalone), then there's no reason why it would not work.

as for "how much extra work" depends on what you want to use it for. for
example IDE code in bochs-bios could use some more work (last time I
looked at it).

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