Ram initialization and small c.

Steve Gehlbach steve at nexpath.com
Wed Mar 5 11:35:00 CET 2003

Eric W. Biederman wrote:

>>gcc is a long ways from doing this in registers without a
>>major re-write, which is probably about as much work as your implementation in
>>assy.  Very clever assy code, BTW.
> I just picked that code along with the nrv2b algorithm out of libucl.
> But I can at least recognize a good thing when I see it.

Yeah, I figured that out after staring at it and the C code for a while, 
and then found it in the ucl library.  After manipulating the 
decompression C-code for a while, I'm pretty convinced that compiling 
this without spilling registers is a hard problem, even with a lot of 
re-arraranging.     The assy code appears to take into account 
additional information about the algorithm that is not readily apparent 
from the C code, at least, that is the conclusion I came to after an 
hour or so of analyzing it.


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