help: about kesem & xwindows

bendany bendany at
Wed Mar 5 05:24:00 CET 2003

currently , i use a k7sem mainboard. it work's fine with linuxbios.
I replace the the BIOS with the linuxbios+etherboot. now i want to 
use the Xwindows. i want a embedded movie player, since mplayer use 
the fbdev output, and can't play it full screen. (sometimes play VCD)
so i want to use the Xwindows to play the movie.
my host system is Debian unstable. i works fine when i use a normal
BIOS. i have strip the system, and get a 14M base system . i test it
under the normal BIOS , i works fine. But when i turn it into linuxbios,
and start the Xwindows. i get a blank screen. :(
what can I do next? can you give me some tips?
     Best wishes!

                                    bendany at TW

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