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Tue Mar 4 00:41:01 CET 2003

I have a dumb question about DoC with LinuxBIOS. 
Today, I have requested to port LinuxBIOS on EPIA-M board equipped with DoC
Though I have ported LinuxBIOS to several boards, I have no knowledge and
experience regarding DoC. 

The board have seperated 2Mbit flash for BIOS and 32MByte DoC connected to
ISA bus. Therefore I want to put LinuxBIOS on the normal flash part and put
linux on the DoC. 

My question is 'What should I do to do this?'. 

After reading some documents from M-sys and this mailling list about DoC,
I'm a little confused. 
M-sys claim it is compatible with normal HDD and recognized as disk drive
without any software. 
Then what is the problem when it comes with LinuxBIOS? If my understanding
is correct, it has built in 
software driver which must be executed from the normal BIOS environment. Is
that correct?. 
Then again, what should I do to fetch kernel from DoC. should I use ALDO or
Do I need something 
like BDK from M-Sys?  

Any comment, help will be very thankful. 


HeeChul Yun,          
Embedded S/W Team at ETRI
phone: +82-42-860-1673

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