Flashroms of more tha 2Mbits

Xavier Pegenaute xpegenaute at telepolis.es
Mon Mar 3 13:33:01 CET 2003

Hi all,

is possible to find flashroms with at least 6 o 8 Mbits of Memory to 
substitute the normal flashrom ..?, i prefer don't use DoC ...
if it's possible, why you use DoC ? by price, by the possibiliti of Disk ?

These days i was asking for many things about LinuxBios ..., this is 
because i'm studing the possibility to make my final thesis over 
LinuxBios ..., my objective is enlarge the capacities of kernel that is 
running into flashrom, just like manage hardware directly, and other 
things ..., for this reason i need more space in flashrom ..., and 
understand rombios functionality ..., at the moment i only knew about 
Linux Kernel ...


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