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Adam Agnew agnew at cs.umd.edu
Sat Mar 1 22:03:00 CET 2003

You add the Bochs BIOS and the video BIOS to the ROM, NOT replacing the
LinuxBIOS. In this set up, LinuxBIOS does all the hardware initialization,
and the Bochs BIOS does all the legacy BIOS support. ADLO is just a small
glue that holds them together.
At start up, LinuxBIOS runs to initialize the hardware, then it passes
control to ADLO. ADLO sets up an environment which Bochs BIOS will
understand a bit better. Than Bochs BIOS gets control, and it populates
the BIOS interrupt table and passes control to your bootloader (such as
Grub). From there, things function for the most part as you're used to on
a commercial desktop BIOS.

- Adam Agnew

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Xavier Pegenaute wrote:

> Hi again,
> i'm not sure of how ADLO work ..., to work with ADLO, i need a Matsonic
> motherboard with a LinuxBios installed, once time i have this, i make
> the new elf file with a bios of Bochs and a Video Bios, and after i put
> these files overwriting the LinuxBios ..? or Adding these files to rom
> bios ?, if i add i'll have two bios code runing (first of the LinuxBios,
> and after of Bochs) is not there problems with it ?.
> Really is possible make work the Bochs Bios like a normal Bios ..?, they
> have code that only work with Bochs, like an outport to INFO_PORT ...
> Regards.
> Xavi.
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