move to bitkeeper?

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Mon Jun 30 12:29:00 CEST 2003

Hello from Gregg C Levine
Good question. However, I haven't had any problems visiting the
project pages for the project. I agree, that the CVS stores indicate
that there's an unnecessary delay of about a day, but that's only on
the view function for CVS. They say that the problems are being
corrected. That they are busy pruning a lot of the dead projects, and
otherwise cleaning things up. 

Now the other question. Ron, which browsers are telling you this? I
can view all of the project pages without difficulty, on MSIE, and the
version of Netscape delivered on Slackware 8.0, also with the browsers
that came with Gnome.
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> Subject: move to bitkeeper?
> sourceforge is really having trouble nowadays. Half my browsers
think the
> web pages are to be downloaded for some reason; cvs updates are
> 24-hour delays; and random outages are a daily occurence.
> I've noticed that lots of high-profile projects are now mastering on
>, including the linux kernel and the infiniband
> Any comments or objections to me at least looking into a move to
> It has lots of advantages, not the least that it
> distributed repositories.
> Anyone have anything to say about this, pro or con?
> ron
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