440bx patches

Richard Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Tue Jun 24 19:27:01 CEST 2003

Here's my patches for syncing up with my tree

This is a 'diff -u -N -r --exclude=CVS --exclude=ADLO' of my tree synced 
to cvs vs the current cvs tree.  'cvs diff -u -N' keep hanging on me.

I excluded my ADLO dual head video init since it's specific to our board 
and hardcoded.


- Config file for the bitworks IMS board. (Not really usefull to anyone 
execept for example.

- Rework of raminit.inc for the 440bx.  Current CVS is broken and will 
not work in the general case.   New code works for every different DIMM 
I had here at Bitworks.

- Support for the NSC PC87351 superIO

- Addition of 'mouse' into new superIO struct

- Various mods to piix4e to enable/disable some features and some fixes

- A sprinkleing of printk_debugs that helped me figure out what code was 
being called where.

Most everything I did I tried to wrap with some sort of Config option 
except in bug fix or incorrect settings cases.

Some of the stuff in the PC87351 superIO is kinda specific to our 
motherboard and not truly generic but I imagine that anyone else using 
this superIO would have it setup the same way.  In the timeframe between 
1.x and 2.x I doubt there will be any need for additional config options.

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at bitworks.com

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