Bari Ari bari at
Mon Jun 23 18:30:00 CEST 2003

Jeff Carr wrote:

>I'm lucky enough to have one of these and would be willing to
>experiment. I have experience with working with firmware(u-boot in
>particular). I have to figure out a way to open up the case enough to
>see if I can find out what kind of flash chip is on this board. I've
>heard of boards with dual-flash parts so if you screw up one you can
>still boot. Is there any strategy out there for doing this with pc
>motherboards yet? Don't tell me I have to lift the flash to burn it and
>put it back on the board...
What are they using in the Lindows laptop for a keyboard/power managment 
controller? The keyboard scan, power managment (power buttons, cover 
open/closed) is typically done with a micro with its own firmware. The 
chipset is the Via 8606 and 82C686B with the C3 Ezra CPU.


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