ron minnich rminnich at
Mon Jun 23 17:40:00 CEST 2003

On 22 May 2003, Jeff Carr wrote:

> I'm lucky enough to have one of these and would be willing to
> experiment. I have experience with working with firmware(u-boot in
> particular). I have to figure out a way to open up the case enough to
> see if I can find out what kind of flash chip is on this board. I've
> heard of boards with dual-flash parts so if you screw up one you can
> still boot. Is there any strategy out there for doing this with pc
> motherboards yet? Don't tell me I have to lift the flash to burn it and
> put it back on the board...

on the RLX, Suravee put the linuxbios in the fallback area, and we ran 
normal bios in the normal area. Then when we tested we would tell it to 
use fallback (linuxbios) via a jumper. 


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