new config language.

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Fri Jun 20 17:03:00 CEST 2003

YhLu <YhLu at> writes:

> Eric,
> Thanks for the info about ROMCC.

Welcome.  Given that we are switching to writing all of the code before
memory is initialized knowing how stable  the main tool for doing the job
is useful.  And the list was copied so I don't have to mention it multiple

> The code about mem init in northbridge/amd/amdk8/coherent_ht.c and
> northbridge/amd/amdk8/raminit.c had some overlap. On bus 0, dev 0x18 and f
> 1.

Very peculiar as I don't see that code and the actual coherent HT mapping
is just concerned with function 0.    The mapping which specifies which
resources go where is on function 1.
> I will add something at northbridge/amd/amdk8/coherent_ht.c

There are some peculiarities as the code is a first pass at properly 
factoring it.  I think I made a good stab at it but the code still
needs to be generalized.   

An important thing to not is that when the code is done there should
be no board specific hard codes, excpet in code that lives in auto.c

Do you have a 4P case or just 2P?


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