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It was a side effect.  Since they were not initiating any tranfers.. DMA
from system memory on the pci bus, they were never low on data, and hence
never needed to generate an interrupt.  Initially I believed it to be a
pci routing problem, but when I saw the chips were not generating
interrupts, I looked at the scope.

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On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> "Brian G. Rhodes" <bgr at gw.linespeed.net> writes:
> > The reason I was not getting interrupts on devices in the pci slot on the
> > EPIA is because they were not set to be bus masters, so they would never
> > generate interrupts.  A quick write to the command register fixed the
> > problem.  Command register is being set to 0x02.  It should be set to
> > 0x06.  a 6 to 4.
> Actually this is an interesting symptom.  Being a Bus Master means you
> can initiate transactions on the PCI bus i.e. DMA.  There is no requirement
> that I know of that the bus master bit applies to IRQ's.  Those are out
> of band signals.
> Eric
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