doc ipl image

roger rogerxxmaillist at
Wed Jun 11 03:00:01 CEST 2003


docipl /path/to/src/mainboard/asus/cua/ipl.S

and Python configure made the Makefiles, however dd fails with a
negative number with "docipl" in the config file.

So i'm doing this seperately and copying the created dociple to another
folder and then re-running the configure/make without the "docipl"
option to build the linuxbios.image and linuxkernel.image images.

I'm rebuilding the kernel again for the DoC (looks like it might be wise
to build mtd/mtdchar/doc2001 modules into the kernel) and am working on
a serial console for remote console.

So far, i've gotten nothing to boot.  Just the same scenario as a box
without a bios chip.  Although, I could have sworn i had some additional
hdd activity on the last attempt.

One additional question, if HAVE_FRAMEBUFFER=0, there still is console
activity on the monitor right?  (-i think i'm interpretting this

wew!  ain't google grand?!?  one can actually have a one-way conversion
with himself via email!!!

On Tue, 2003-06-10 at 22:24, roger wrote:
> Just a quick follow-up.  I noticed that I had to add the following line
> in the config file:
> docipl /pathto/ipl.S
> ok. now for ipl.S  (for a 440BX chipset?)


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