doc ipl image

roger rogerxxmaillist at
Wed Jun 11 01:02:01 CEST 2003

ok. wew. searched, read, reboots (did this in a loop for 10x's).

i've gotten p5 images built and have been able to recognize and write to
the DoC (many thanx to a kernel oops w/ devbios project and it's
apperant incompatability with apm).

After erasing the DoC, I'm realizing that I need an ipl image burned
prior to burning linuxbios.image & linuxkernel.image images to the rom.

Ipl is needed to boot linuxbios.
Linuxbios is needed to boot linuxkernel.
(And so on...)

I see that the ipl.asm is provided only by m-sys on a NDA.  

(btw, using an Intel 440bx chipset here). 


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