Niki Waibel niki.waibel at newlogic.com
Tue Aug 26 05:28:01 CEST 2003

On 12-Aug-2003 Michel Belleau wrote:
> Selon Niki Waibel <niki.waibel at newlogic.com>:
>> > Where could I find a DIP2PLCC adapter ?
>> http://www.epboard.com/
> That's what I did yesterday ;-)
>> i also ordered a MD-2802-D08-V3 and a MD-2202-D128-V3.
>> both come originally from www.m-sys.com (m-systems).
>> on their website you can find a local reseller:
>> http://www.m-sys.com/Content/Contact/MsysWorldwide.asp
>> i am waiting for that as well.
> I ordered the 5V versions because my EPIA 800mhz board uses the "SST 39SF020A" 
> flash chip which is rated at 4.5/5V. What board do you have?

bios savior rd1-pl is working.
this is the 5V version ...
it seems that i ordered the wrong devices...

>> currently (afaik) noone has tried to get linuxbios
>> working like this. (if i am wrong then pls tell me!)
>> the plan is to have linuxbios, the kernel and a small
>> rootfs in this m-systems chip (MD-2802-D08-V3 = 8MByte -- can boot
>> linuxbios on DIP motherboards, MD-2202-D128-V3 = 128MB --
>> but i've heard on this list that it is not possible to
>> boot linuxbios with this chip... we'll see ;-) ).
>> the chip will sit on the DIP2PLCC converter.
> I ordered the 8Mbyte chip from tri-m and the DIP2PLCC adapter from epboard. I'm 
> looking to integrate everything to the 8mb chip. I think it's really possible 
> because I already made a linux boot disk (uclibc+busybox+mpg321) which 
> connected itself to my home server and played mp3's as soon as it could.

sounds cool.

>> what type of chassis do you use?
> I made a custom chassis for prototyping use only ;-) The final stage of 
> developpement will be to make something nice for the casing.

ok. a car mp3 player needs a custom chassis :)

>> and a bios savior to make programming easy.
>> and a flash chip (there is one integrated in
>> the bios savior, but that chip is only 256kbyte).
> I'm very curious and I want to learn everything ;-) My current project consists 
> of:
> VIA EPIA 800mhz all-on-board fanless mb
> DC-to-DC power supply (input: car voltage.. 14.4v)
> VWCDPIC adapter (to connect to the cd-changer input of my car (VW))
> DIP2PLCC adapter (for the millenium chip)
> DoC Millenium (8mb, all right for the linuxbios + kernel + small fs)
> My first goal is to make it boot in 3 seconds (i think linuxbios can help me 
> achieve it) and start to play mp3's from whatever will be connected to it (for 
> instance, an old hard drive and/or a dvd-rom drive). The mb will feed the audio 
> to the VWCDPIC and the VWCDPIC will feed the commands from my oem head-unit to 
> the computer (rs-232).
> Right now, it's kinda slow to boot and only starts playing several seconds 
> after i power-up the board.
> I know there's already products that have the same functionnality on the 
> market, but I want to learn for fun how everything is made and create my own 
> product.
> My next goal will be to make it play DVDs (once I get a cheap LCD), or rip 
> audio CDs right on the hard drive connected to it, or diagnose what's wrong 
> with my car (vag-com) or whatever I can think of.

good luck!


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