Any freebios2 CVS snapshot ?

Mace Gael gael.mace at
Mon Aug 25 06:12:01 CEST 2003


working on an AMD platform (dual Opteron), I concentrate one's efforts on
the HyperTransport link and related chipset (8111, 8131 and 8151).

And first of all, because I want to have under control all blocks, I'm
starting by-passing any propriatery BIOS.

Also, I'm very interested in getting and testing your FreeBios module and
why not offering my contribution. However, all things related to my target
are located in your freebios2 branch.

And because my (...) proxy doesn't give me permission to access to CVS
server, is any snapshot gathering the latest version ? Or any other way than
to download manually each file ?

Thanks in advance

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