linuxbios on arbor emcore i612?

Hubert Denkmair linuxbios at
Fri Aug 22 07:04:00 CEST 2003

Hello list,

i am planning to build my own car mp3 player in the near future.
Therefore I'm going to buy a 3.5" Single Board Computer, and
OF COURSE linux will be my operating system of choice :-)

Since a fast boot process will be important for me, it seems very
useful to buy a board supporting linuxbios.

Currently I have a rather cheap SBC on my mind, the
"EmCORE-i612VL", manufactured by arbor.


Is this board supported by linuxbios?
I looked at the status page and did not find information about this
board or even the used i815 chipset. Are the boards mentioned on
the status page really the only ones with linuxbios support?

If so, can you recommand me a cheap SBC with similar features
(+5V power supply only, Celeron400 or equivalent CPU, CF Socket)?

Thank you in advance, seems to me you're doing great work!


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