LINUXBIOS can boot any variety OS

Adam Agnew agnew at
Thu Aug 21 12:24:01 CEST 2003

You should start at Richard Smith's FAQ. It can be found in the LinuxBIOS
mailing list archive for now.

LinuxBIOS proper, I believe, has been used to boot Linux kernels, Plan9,
and WinCE.

Using LinuxBIOS to boot Windows 2000, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, unmodified Linux,
and lots of others which went untested has been described in a couple

You can read about it in this paper here

You can try the guilty part by pulling down the freebios cvs, and looking
at freebios/util/ADLO

- Adam Agnew

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, [iso-8859-1] mount me wrote:

> Hi linuxbiosians,
> Heard and Read that Windows 2000 can be booted using
> Linuxbios. Keeeeeeen and Interested in entering
> linuxbios. Could i get the list of OS's
> booted using LINUXBIOS and a brief explanation
> document along with it ? or links plz....
> I am stilll looking for a motherboard in Chennai,INDIA
> Has anyone tried linuxbios in CHENNAI,INDIA ?
> need your support to start linuxbios with.
> Regards,
> karthik bala guru
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