K8 cluster at LANL

ron minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Thu Aug 14 15:47:01 CEST 2003

If you check out www.lanl.gov, there is an early announcement of an new 
K8+infiniband cluster. It is 256 nodes, and will run LinuxBIOS. 

There is also mention of a larger K8 cluster, which we believe will also
run LinuxBIOS. This larger cluster is not InfiniBand, as I read the 

Linux NetworX are building the systems, and of course Eric Biederman is 
managing the LinuxBIOS part. 

Thanks to Linux NetworX, AMD, Arima, Tyan, Eric, Stefan, and Yh Lu for all
the work they have working on and supporting LinuxBIOS on the K8. I hope I
didn't leave too many people/companies out.

The really positive news here is that our hope, when we started this 
project 4 years ago, was that we could someday buy machines and they would 
be delivered with LinuxBIOS installed; this has now happened on over 4 
machines here at LANL, one machine at LLNL, and one machine at ANL, to 
name a few. There are already at least 3 machines on the TOP  500 list 
running LinuxBIOS. 


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