Supporting extension ROMs and beyond...

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For integrated chipsets, I think you have to go the ADLO way. The space for
integrated BIOS
is very tight (256KB for System + VGA instead of System along) such that it
is a common
practice to make VGA BIOS as a compressed "payload" of System BIOS. The only
knows where and how to uncompress the VGA BIOS part is the System BIOS.

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> ron minnich wrote:
> >Fair use says, I think, that you can copy a bios from your machine to
> >machine for personal use. Certainly that's what you do when you load a
> >bios image from a web site. You can't distribute it. So ADLO supports
> >getting the VGA bios out of your on-card bios and building it into
> >linuxbios. That's how it is done: copy it from your machine to your
> >machine.
> >
> >VGABIOS, on the other hand, just finds the on-card bios and runs it.
> >
> >
> >
> Does this mean that VGABIOS would not work for boards that have
> integrated video and have the video BIOS combined into the system BIOS?
> Bari
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