Niki Waibel niki.waibel at newlogic.com
Tue Aug 12 07:15:01 CEST 2003

> Where could I find a DIP2PLCC adapter ?


i just ordered E32-0035 (still waiting).
E32-0030 seems to be too big (for my epia-m).
in addition i got the RD1 BIOS Savior from
the PL version works for my 600mhz epia-m.

i also ordered a MD-2802-D08-V3 and a MD-2202-D128-V3.
both come originally from www.m-sys.com (m-systems).
on their website you can find a local reseller:
i am waiting for that as well.

currently (afaik) noone has tried to get linuxbios
working like this. (if i am wrong then pls tell me!)
the plan is to have linuxbios, the kernel and a small
rootfs in this m-systems chip (MD-2802-D08-V3 = 8MByte -- can boot
linuxbios on DIP motherboards, MD-2202-D128-V3 = 128MB --
but i've heard on this list that it is not possible to
boot linuxbios with this chip... we'll see ;-) ).
the chip will sit on the DIP2PLCC converter.
the converter sits on the BIOS Savior in its first stage
(to program the msystems chip easyly). and the BIOS Savior
is plugged into the mainboard instead of the bios chip.

> I'm trying to learn LinuxBIOS but I 

that is what i do currently as well :)

> found out that the motherboard I'm trying to get running (VIA Epia 800 

what type of chassis do you use?
mine is very small, but has the following disadvantages:
        * only slimline floppy/cdrom (will be very hard to
find a smartcard reader which fits)
        * external power supply
        * no chassis intrusion detection
        * no lock possible on chassis
        * 2 chassis fans -- not so silent -- it is
ok, but it could be better imho.

> fanless) has a socketed PLCC chip. I checked out on the M-Systems web site and 
> they just have DIP32 packages of DoChips (Millenium). These should be 
> compatible 1:1 with the PLCC version, right?

i dont know yet 100% (but i really hope so!).
but you'll find a report on this list as soon as i
get the missing pieces :)

> All I need is an adapter right?

and a bios savior to make programming easy.
and a flash chip (there is one integrated in
the bios savior, but that chip is only 256kbyte).

hope this answers some questions, niki

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