Supporting extension ROMs and beyond...

Steve Gehlbach steve at
Mon Aug 11 23:27:01 CEST 2003

Adam Sulmicki wrote:


Thanks, I hadn't seen this before, looks like a very nice implementation.

I believe on a quick read that it is implementing basic legacy mode VGA, 
which we have in linuxbios.  The problem always is, how to set the 
bridge or card to the point to enable the legacy mode.  I think that is 
where the card VGABIOS comes in, and since it calls regular BIOS, you 
need both.

But I am frustrated by not having enough time to spend on this, because 
you are only a handfull of registers (or much less) away from having 
legacy enabled on most cards.  Sometimes it is just a bit or two in one 
or two registers.  The rest we already have.  Frambuffer, of course, is 
more complicated (at higher res anyway).


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