Supporting extension ROMs and beyond...

ron minnich rminnich at
Mon Aug 11 23:08:01 CEST 2003

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Adam Sulmicki wrote:

> Not sure if folks now about it,
> but there's this project.

it's ok but it's overkill. All we want is to get vga into a state that
linux etc. can use it. That means only supporting PCIBIOS functions used
by VGA expansion roms for initialization. That in turn means I don't want 
to support stuff such as:

static void biosfn_get_single_palette_reg();
static void biosfn_read_overscan_border_color();
static void biosfn_get_all_palette_reg();
static void biosfn_set_single_dac_reg();
static void biosfn_set_all_dac_reg();
static void biosfn_select_video_dac_color_page();
static void biosfn_read_single_dac_reg();
static void biosfn_read_all_dac_reg();
static void biosfn_set_pel_mask();
static void biosfn_read_pel_mask();
static void biosfn_read_video_dac_state();
static void biosfn_perform_gray_scale_summing();
static void biosfn_load_text_user_pat();
static void biosfn_load_text_8_14_pat();
static void biosfn_load_text_8_8_pat();
static void biosfn_set_text_block_specifier();
static void biosfn_load_text_8_16_pat();
static void biosfn_load_gfx_8_8_chars();
static void biosfn_load_gfx_user_chars();
static void biosfn_load_gfx_8_14_chars();
static void biosfn_load_gfx_8_8_dd_chars();
static void biosfn_load_gfx_8_16_chars();


But it's still a neat hack.


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