Supporting extension ROMs and beyond...

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Mon Aug 11 19:33:17 CEST 2003

It should work with onboard one. You may put the option rom in the EEPROM
and set the VGABIOS_START correctly.


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ron minnich wrote:

>Fair use says, I think, that you can copy a bios from your machine to your
>machine for personal use. Certainly that's what you do when you load a new
>bios image from a web site. You can't distribute it. So ADLO supports
>getting the VGA bios out of your on-card bios and building it into
>linuxbios. That's how it is done: copy it from your machine to your 
>VGABIOS, on the other hand, just finds the on-card bios and runs it.
Does this mean that VGABIOS would not work for boards that have 
integrated video and have the video BIOS combined into the system BIOS?


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