Supporting extension ROMs and beyond...

Steve Gehlbach steve at
Mon Aug 11 15:49:01 CEST 2003

ron minnich wrote:

> we can't use that code, however, or some idiot will decide to sue. 
> we don't ever use code based on disassembly.

I understand, although they would lose the suit (Sony v. Connectix and 
related cases), it is not the kind of trouble we need.  Would that idiot 
be named SCO?

I amend my statement.  I use my oscilloscope and logic analyzer to 
determine the register numbers and settings.

Anyhow, I never use the code in any fashion or form, only register 
numbers and bit settings. The actual code is useless, it is 16-bit, you 
might catch a bad disease (urge to write spaghetti code or something) if 
you copy 16-bit code.  I write a spec, then use the spec to write the code.

Where did the VGABIOS code come from (the binary thing we are talking 


PS: I am a pretty big student of title 17 (US copyright law) and the 
DMCA portion (chapter 12).  But so is IBM and they got sued.  So 
lawsuits happens no matter what you do, it happens with probability one 
when the $$ get big.

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