Supporting extension ROMs and beyond...

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Mon Aug 11 12:35:00 CEST 2003


If the user want to LinuxBIOS with embedded solution with screen (SET TOP
BOX???)  the VGA support must be ready and some Workstation also need that.
Otherwise it will limit the application scope of linubios.

Other option rom will be another story, for example: about Serial ATA,
Promise doesn't want provide support, but it's OK , We can get detail info
from Silicon Images chip, so We can use their solution and forget Promise.
As for the scsi chip, LSI likes to share the info. So We can produce their
chip support at first. ( I have add the support for LSI scsi chip). As for
Adaptec is hesitating to give the detail info, and may need more request to
them. It is said Only DELL have got the corresponding from them. 

Who will move VGABIOS support to freebios2 ? I would have a try on Tyan
S2885 . (Two Opterons and workstation MB) this week.


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主题: Re: Supporting extension ROMs and beyond...

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, ron minnich wrote:

> For linuxbios to succeed in future, we'll need support for these two 
> things. I think this is a lamentable state of affairs. But that's how it 
> is.
> I think long-term the best way to fix it for all architectures is via
> emulation, but for the immediate-term we can make callback/binary support 
> for the common(-est) case: the x86. 

I contradict myself. Either we need callbacks or we don't. If we get 
emulation, we don't need them. Sorry for my confusing note. 

Eric, I am sympathy with what you are saying. There is a reality here -- 
people want VGA and they want it on early. I want to accomodate this. 

Is emulation a suitable, architecture-independent way to achieve this? 
I'm thinking it might be. Can we then build it in as an option when we 
build a linuxbios?



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