Supporting extension ROMs and beyond...

ron minnich rminnich at
Mon Aug 11 11:41:01 CEST 2003

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, ron minnich wrote:

> For linuxbios to succeed in future, we'll need support for these two 
> things. I think this is a lamentable state of affairs. But that's how it 
> is.
> I think long-term the best way to fix it for all architectures is via
> emulation, but for the immediate-term we can make callback/binary support 
> for the common(-est) case: the x86. 

I contradict myself. Either we need callbacks or we don't. If we get 
emulation, we don't need them. Sorry for my confusing note. 

Eric, I am sympathy with what you are saying. There is a reality here -- 
people want VGA and they want it on early. I want to accomodate this. 

Is emulation a suitable, architecture-independent way to achieve this? 
I'm thinking it might be. Can we then build it in as an option when we 
build a linuxbios?



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