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Mon Aug 11 11:07:00 CEST 2003


> > I haven't seen the numbers on the dreaded size overhead.  So
> > that argument does not yet convince me.  If I can fit a whole IP/UDP
> > stack a network driver, and printk in 16K I have trouble seeing
> > the problem.
> multiply that by, let's just say 4, for 4 elf payloads for 4 functions. 
> At that point, I can no longer fit a kernel + linuxbios in 1 MB flash. At 
> present I can barely fit one linuxbios + 1 stripped kernel.
> I am right on the edge of being able to fit right now. Either I statically 
> link in the VGABIOS code or I can't fit it. That's the issue for me.
> Yes, I am well aware that we hope to have more compact ROMCC code, but 
> that is not there right now.
Maybe we can separate LinuxBIOS into 2 parts.  The first part contains
the core of LinuxBIOS, and the second part contains different extensions
for different archs and elf loader at the end.  We could have something
like the following in the config which is pretty much like Ron suggested

elfloader ide usb net


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